Pay-par-Click Advertising

With 80% of car buyers using search engines to research before they purchase a car, it makes sense for auto dealerships to put a big focus on online marketing. Internet savvy dealerships are using informative and easy to navigate websites, as well as highly targeted email campaigns to generate business, yet there is one effective Internet marketing tool that is often ignored, or not used to it’s full potential: Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC).

What is Pay-Per-Click?

PPC enables your auto dealership to place your website in the “sponsored” listings of Internet search results. You only pay for this type of advertising when someone clicks on the ad and is sent to your website. You bid for a keyword or keyword phrase related to your dealership, and then create a short advertisement that is displayed when someone searches for that keyword. The amount your dealership pays when someone clicks on the listing is determined by the click-through rate of your ad, the quality of the content on your landing page, and what others are willing to pay for the same keyword.

The ideal setup

The ideal system to get best returns on a pay-per-click campaign is to have product specific adverts displaying to an audience within the buyer behaviour dictated geographical area while managing bids and keywords to ensure optimal ad placement. This involves a labour intensive exercise.

The challenges

While pay-per-click is rated as one of the most effective lead generating systems for auto dealers, it also comes with some inherent challenges such as keyword research, bidding strategies, monitoring and adjustment and ad construction. Due to these factors it is usually outsourced to an internet marketing company who manage the campaign on behalf of the dealership for a management fee.

While outsourcing this management task ensures that campaigns are run effectively it also increases the cost of campaign i.e. all clicks have a percentage mark-up added to them to make up the campaign management fee and so reduces returns. This can sometimes make what is a very cost effective advertising system into a fairly costly exercise compounded by the fact that the more targeted the campaign is and the frequency of adjustment all increases the management cost due to the labour required in the management thereof.

The solution

Vehicles Online Market Place now offers a Pay-Per-Click solution that ensures maximised results by automating best practice campaign management through a dynamic integrated media management system. The system cross checks the dealerships used vehicle database and intelligently constructs ads based on specifics such as vehicle make, model, year, price and colour and also selects an assigns the most relevant search terms to that ad. Vehicles Online communicates directly with the Google AdWords campaign management system for placing and updating ad settings on a daily basis. This system ensures that all campaigns are run with optimal content and settings continually.

This system not only provides more pinpointed advertising but also integrates with the Vehicles Online Inventory and Leads Manager to dynamically promoted specific ads based on stock age and quantities as well as pipeline lead data thus providing a dynamic media placement system that can intelligently analyse and promote your stock based on specific criteria.